President's December 2020 Report

(posted: December 1, 2020)
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Conference Presidents, please share this monthly news with your members to keep everyone connected with what is happening at all levels of the Society. Particular and Central Council Presidents, please share this monthly news with your Vincentian members who may not belong to a Conference. When you forward the communication, please remove the “Unsubscribe” button at the end; if someone you forward the message to hits “Unsubscribe” your name will be removed from our database and you will not receive future communications.

The December spiritual reflection shares a beautiful Advent reflection about “Waiting in Joyful Hope”.

We have extended the deadline for nominations for Ontario Regional Council Board members to January 30, 2021. Review the mandate and prerequisites and send your nominations to by the deadline date. Election of the new Board members will take place at the April AGA.

The responsibility to nominate potential Board members for Ontario Regional Council lies with all Vincentians across Ontario.

Please note that all Vincentians with skills and a desire to serve are eligible to become board members. We would also like to have board members from all geographic area of Ontario.

As mentioned last month, the 2020 Annual Report forms are now available on the National Council website. Français: formulaires rapport annuel
Annual reports due to Ontario Regional Council should be submitted to

The report has been designed into the THREE parts listed below.
9.3 Sections A-B (Statistics – to be completed by conferences and councils)
9.3 Sections C-D (Statistics – to be completed by councils only)
9.3 Section E (Finance – to be completed by conferences and councils)

Supplementary document: The supplementary document has been created to assist with the revenue portion of filling the annual financial report. SSVP financial report follows the Canada Revenue Agency Form T3010.

Please forward your report to your next higher council:
Conferences: SECTION A-B1 and E1 - Before January 30th
Particular councils: SECTION A-B2, C-D1 and E2 (Consolidated Report) - Before February 20
Central councils: SECTION A-B2, C-D2 and E2 (Consolidated Reports) - Before March 10
Regional councils: SECTION A-B2, C-D2 and E2 (Consolidated Reports) - Before March 31

Charities that are required to file a T3010 form, Registered Charity Information Return, between March 18 and December 31, 2020, have until December 31, 2020 to do so; if not yet submitted, this is a reminder that this date is fast approaching. Feel free to contact if you have questions.

A reminder to ask for financial assistance from your next higher level should you need financial help to continue serving people in need.

In dealing with HUB Insurance for our December 1st insurance renewal, I have been informed that Northbridge Insurance, our insurer, now requires vulnerable sector checks to be completed for new members and for current members every 2 years or, if this is not possible, every 3 years will be acceptable (this is now effective Dec. 1, 2020 instead of “every 5 years” which was in place before. This requirement is in place for a risk management point of view, and is for the benefit of the Society.

Should you be insured with a different insurer, please ensure you check on their requirement for how often the vulnerable sector check needs to be completed for your members, and be sure to comply with that requirement for the protection of our Society, our members and those who we serve. It is encouraged and recommended that Conferences and Councils have in place commercial general liability coverage, abuse coverage and Directors and Officers liability coverage. Feel free to contact should you have any questions on insurance coverage.

North of 60 last report for 2020.
Rapport français

Due to covid-19, Conférence Jesus-Marie-Joseph in Ottawa had to suspend their weekly collection of non-perishables at the Church, similar to many other Conferences. They replaced this with a request for grocery gift cards that can easily be dropped into the collection box as people exit the church after Mass. The beauty of this initiative is that the gift cards can easily be bought at their local grocery store or better yet from the Knights of Columbus in their parish who happen to also sell them. As a result of partnering, both SSVP and Knights of Columbus benefit, and they continue to keep their food cupboard full. It's a win win all around!

Check out the Ozanam Education Fund update and how you can help with this program.

Please email your creative and innovative ways of how you continue to serve persons in need in your community, which can be shared with our members across Ontario.

Linda Alexander from Halton Particular Council shares a connection we have with Green Shield Canada. See the press release announcing that Green Shield Canada is partnering with University of Toronto to create Canada’s largest ever dental public health research program.

They are naming the initiative the Green Door Project and will create the Green Shield Canada Clinic to be located within the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Toronto, which will offer cost free care for up to 2000 families in the GTA who don’t currently have access to regular dental care.

It will also allow a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at University of Toronto to investigate the long-term impacts of access to quality oral health care. They will study the long-term effect of regular oral care on stress, nutrition, inflammation, wellness and chronic disease, as well as the overall impacts on the economy and health care system.

Linda shares an uplifting story from her Conference. She has been walking alongside a young man for quite some time now. He is in his mid 20’s, developmentally and intellectually challenged, and the dental neglect was shocking. He was connected to a very compassionate dentist and has been in treatment. He didn’t realize how poorly his health was suffering until the dental treatments were done. Prior, he was suffering from recurrent seizures, was nauseous and fatigued. Since the treatments, he has not suffered from a seizure and is feeling so much better. So heartwarming that his health has improved.

The Two Feet of Love in Action Facilitator's Guide rev July 2011 reminds us that both justice and charity is needed.

Here is a good definition of social justice.

Interesting information on systemic racism.

A twinning project funded by Conferences within the Windsor-Essex Central Council and Ontario Regional Council provided latrines for 22 families in San Ramon in Nicaragua. Project report

WORLD DAY OF THE POOR The fourth World Day of the Poor was held November 15, 2020. Check out what St. George’s Conference in London News Item did to raise awareness of World Day of the Poor and the work of the Society.

Please email your stories/photos of what you did in your community to raise awareness of World Day of the Poor.


November Vincenpaul newsletter can be found here: English

The Rule is now available for ordering:
English Rule and Statutes
Règle et statuts français

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul remembers the 100th anniversary of the official recognition of its autonomy by the Church:

Thank you to everyone for your dedication and passion and all the amazing work you continue to do serving our friends in need. Stay safe and healthy.

Feel free to contact at any time should you have questions.

Wishing you and your families a very blessed Christmas season!
Linda Dollard, President, and the ONRC Executive Team

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