Creating a Vision Workshop Summary

(posted: September 17, 2016)

Creating a Vision Round Table Summary – September 2016
If you could have the answer to one question that would make your role as a Vincentian easier, what would it be? (If comment was mentioned by more than 1 person, that number is mentioned following the statement)

  1. How do we make our Society an entity recognized like organizations like United Way, Goodwill having a balance with keeping the dignity of people we serve with a humble heart.(6)
  2. Have a 20 to 30 second simple and standard elevator speech to share with people. (5)
  3. Have standardized computer program for all Treasurers to access for annual reports. (3)
  4. How do we engage members more than at the Conference / Council level? (2)
  5. Have the Global, National and Regional website consolidated, and easy to access. (2)
  6. How do we get someone to step up to be President?
  7. How do we recruit, train, engage and maintain membership, and recruit volunteers with proper expertise?
  8. Have Soup Kitchen Managers get together to share information.
  9. Need to move past the emergency food / shelter need – help in all possible ways – have proper resources to direct our friends in need.
  10. Have simple and consistent financial, business and communication processes.


If you had one dream for the Society in Ontario, what would it be?

  1. Not having to say “no” because there is no SSVP in that area. (3)
  2. Love each other and collaborate without competing – work with other charities and don’t duplicate programs. (3)
  3. Have a SSVP Conference in every congregation, and build upon the Conferences already existing. (2)
  4. Get more participation from communities to attend ONRC meetings. (2)
  5. Have more money to send more kids to camp.
  6. Hear from people who we help hearing their story of how SSVP made an impact.
  7. Have Vincentian 211 help line to help Vincentians with questions.
  8. Encourage Toronto community to participate more at ONRC level.
  9. Get involved with Share Life (Catholic side of United Way) where payroll deductions can be directed to SSVP – this currently happens in Toronto for camps.


If you were running ONRC meetings what percentage would be social, prayerful, educational and business?

  1. 30% social and time to connect, 30% workshops and educational, 30% business part strategically placed such as at end of day, 10% prayerful.
  2. 33% social, 33% prayerful, 33% education, 1% business.
  3. 10% social, 15% prayerful, 25% educational, 50% business.
  4. Business is not just the voting part.
  5. Suggest having business part on Friday and President’s round table, followed by social Friday night with educational component on Saturday.
  6. Like assigned seating at tables so people coming together are not sitting at same table.
  7. Like having discussions at tables on different topics with a report out afterwards.
  8. Could we add a meeting in December?