Recruitment and Renewal Guide

posted: February 2014
submitted by: Toronto Central Council

Recruiting new members to the Society is crucial to the ability of Conferences to carry out their work of meeting their Neighbours in Need. New members help to share the workload, provide energy, and bring new ideas to even the most active conference. In order to hold a successful recruitment drive, however, your conference needs to develop a clear and thoughtful strategy.

Bringing new members into your conference requires commitment so it is crucial to carefully consider your Conference’s needs, motivations, and desired outcomes in pursuing a program of recruitment and renewal. This Recruitment and Renewal Kit helps to lay out some of the key elements you will need to consider in pursuing these efforts. Please read it carefully and consider how you might best undertake your recruitment efforts. Toronto Central Council has established area Recruitment Teams to assist you with your efforts. For more information, please contact your Particular Council president or Ryan Weston at Central Office (416-364-5577)";