Sending Funds

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(December 16, 2013)

st vincent de paul Dear Vincentian Presidents & Treasurers,

In an effort to increase transparency, especially when dealing with financial matters, we are requesting that you all now start submitting a form letter when sending or receiving funds within the Society.

For example, a conference or council will use the "Money Sent" form letter when forwarding money to their particular council, central council, or regional council. This process will carry forward as money is "passed up" from particular councils to central councils, and onward to regional council. In this way, money will be tracked by all parties to better ensure that funds get to the proper place. The "Money Sent" form letter is available below

By working together, we can help our friends in need, whether near or far.

Peace & Blessings,

Jim Paddon
Ontario Regional Council
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Money Send Letter Pass-Up