Year End Reporting Templates 2017

Year End report

To All Particular, Central and Isolated Councils/Conferences:

Conference/Council Annual Report Forms (updated DEC 2017)

Annual Reports Guides

Conferences and Councils should maintain a monthly register to ensure that the year-end annual report reflects the year's entries.
These Excel documents were created for Conferences and Councils to help manage their statistical and financial data:


The purpose of completing annual reports is to inform the public how we spend our donation dollars, use as leverage to speak out on advocacy issues, implement systemic changes and to apply for grants. As noted in the Rule Book, an annual financial and activity report are legal requirements which govern charitable organizations. These reports are essential so that higher Councils may better grasp both the strengths and weaknesses of Conferences and the scope of their work, with a view to offering assistance and serving more effectively.

The forms are standardized so that all Conferences and Councils are consistent in collecting the same information across the country. (see forms above)

Accurate and up-to-date record keeping all year makes annual reporting easy. Determine what you need to count, and be consistent and specific.

Special Works are defined as those areas of work responding to specific community needs, which most commonly are stores and camps. Other examples of special works are drop-in centers, shelters and soup kitchens, prison ministry, and low-cost housing. If a special work involves a commercial operation or hiring staff, the council or conference running the special work should be incorporated. For more information on this and other requirements refer to the Special Works refer to page 97 in the Rule Book.

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Please open the link and save the file to your computer BEFORE entering any information on the form, otherwise it may not save properly or you might loose the information you just typed in online.

Use email rather than snail mail to send your report: It will save both time and money.


Linda Dollard, ONRC SSVP President at

Sarah Davidson, ONRC SSVP Administrative Assistant at

Terry Mizzen, ONRC SSVP Treasurer at


Mid October a letter will go out to all Conference, Particular and Central Councils Presidents ensuring all Conferences and Councils are familiar with the Yearend Reporting Forms from the website, and that Conferences / Councils know the time line and who to send completed forms to.

January 31st: Conferences should have their yearend reports completed and sent to Particular Council. Isolated Conferences should send their yearend reports electronically to ONRC to Please cc:

February 28th: All Particular Councils should have their yearend reports completed and sent to ONRC to . Please cc: Particular Councils in Windsor, Toronto, Huronia, St Catharine's and Ottawa will send their yearend reports to their Central Council.

March 20th: All Central Councils will have their completed yearend reports sent to ONRC to Please cc:

March 30th: ONRC will have completed yearend reports sent to National.

NOTE: All Particular Councils and Central Councils must list exactly which Conferences they are reporting on, and also ensure they add any work that they do on the reporting forms. Also list those who have not reported.

May 30th: ONRC will provide a summary of the information received and activities to all Conference and Council Presidents to be shared with all Vincentians and anyone interested in receiving this information such as Parish priests and/or organizations partnered with.