President Succession Planning Mentor Strategy Summary

(posted: September 29, 2017)

Conference/PC/CC President Succession Planning Mentor Strategy


(ONRC Rejuvenation Team member will Facilitate if requested)

Historical Succession Process
  • Pressure a person to accept the President possession.
    • Person may lack leadership skills
      • Hurts conference as members leave and new members are not attracted
      • Meetings may become disorganized and not exciting, people find reasons not to attend
      • Start to cut processes on service, may no longer do home visits
      • Discourage rejuvenation
      • Does not have relationship with parish priest or councils
    • A person who accepts the position reluctantly may
      • Become disgruntled with the Society and service to the poor
      • They find ways to cut corners just to get through their term
  • The last person recruited given the task as President
    • They have no experience or knowledge of the Society
  • Orientation and Training for new President does not exist
    • Resources are absent
    • Orientation/Mentoring is only as good as the Past President
  • Everyone expects you to be an instant Expert on ALL matters of Business and the Society
    • You are on your own, Sink or Swim
  • Everyone is happy if someone takes the role of President
    • No Longer have to worry OR contribute to the Council/Conference for 3 years
      • It is NOT my problem, it is the New Presidents problem!!

  • Past Succession process has failed or at best limited success
  • Need to Identify and Invite people with Leadership Skills
    • Can no longer accept just a warm body
  • Need to identify Leadership Team, not just a President
  • Every Vincentian has the Responsibility to contribute their skills to the benefit of the Council/Conference
  • Orientation/Training/Resources/Mentoring MUST be provided to New President AND the Executive Team

Meeting Facilitator to Meet with PC/CC Council Presidents (same principal can apply to Conference President)
Step 1 - Roundtable Discussion about PC/CC President role
  • What do they view as the role of President?
  • What challenges do they perceive associated with this position?
  • What rewards do they perceive associated with this position?
  • What role within the Society is available for a Past President?
    • Is their association with SSVP finished?
  • What skills do they perceive are necessary to be a President?
Step 2 - Who within this group has the skills necessary to be President?
  • Nomination Form
    • Who would you nominate for President?
    • What skills does this person have?
  • My role within the New PC/CC Council Form
    • What would YOU do to support a newly elected President?
    • (Need to identify certain tasks that are very specific to prevent generic non committal responses)

Post Roundtable Meeting discussion - Meet with Nominee’s (President, Spiritual Adviser, ONRC Rep – Optional)
Step 1 - Review Nomination Forms with each Nominee individually after the Discussion meeting
  • Review details provided why peers feel nominee is best choice
Step 2 - Review My Role within New PC documents with Nominee
  • Discuss potential candidates for new President Executive
Step 3 - Ask Nominee to reflect and pray upon Nominee recommendations and My Role candidates
  • Do not want to pressure Nominee for decision, want Nominee to be comfortable with decision
Step 4 - If Nominee accepts nomination;
  • Hold election at next PC/CC meeting
  • Election results, new President position to be effective 90, 120, 180 days from election
    • Allow time for orientation, mentoring and training
      • PC President/ONRC(optional) will mentor new President by reviewing;
        • How to select executive and assign responsibilities
        • Spiritual Advisor responsibilities
        • How to conduct effective meetings
        • President’s responsibilities within ONRC communications
      • ONRC to provide Orientation Checklist detailing areas requiring training
    • New Executive to be appointed based on Questionnaire on what Support each person stated they would provide to a new President.
      • Identify what training/mentoring is required for new Executive
        • Treasurer record systems
        • Secretary record systems
        • Spiritual Advisor, ensure faith is center to meetings
        • Vice President/s
    • Identify additional Support for Council/Conference
      • Regional Training (using National Training modules)
      • ONRC/Members Site/Resources/Best Practices
        • Review resources available
      • If Council has other Outreach initiatives, offer review and support for
        • Store operations, Food Banks, Summer Camps
    • Orientation Checklists Provided by ONRC
      • New Council/Conference President Orientation Checklist
      • Servant Leader Guiding Principals
      • Annual Checklist for Council/Conference Presidents
Executive Duties: (Basic Duties, additional duties may be provided by the President) Vice President: presides at council meeting and acts in lieu of the president for council activities in the absence of the president
  • Assists in the visitation of conferences
  • Caries out various assigned duties such as taking charge of committees, planning activities for recruitment, youth membership, training and formation
Treasurer: responsible for keeping accurate and appropriate records of funds and securities of the council and all receipts and disbursements
  • Funds are deposited in the name of the council, invoices obtained before any disbursements
  • Inform the members of the council’s financial position by submitting a written statement at every meeting
  • Prepare and submit annual budget to council for approval
  • Prepare and presents annual financial reports
  • Is one of the signatories of the cheques
  • Ensures annual financial review of the council according to recognized accounting rules
Secretary: Sends out agenda for all meetings
  • Prepares, presents and sign the minutes of all meetings
  • Keep record and archives including all records related to the election of the President
  • Collates annual and other reports from conferences and transmits these reports to higher councils
  • Draft correspondence and other documents at the request of the President
  • Maintain up to date list of members of the council
  • Custodian of the council Corporate Seal
  • Ensures the confidentiality and safety of data about members and about those being served
  • Sign all By-Laws and keep record of all amendments/additions (applicable to Incorporated Councils)
Spiritual Advisor: Promotes the Spirit of the rule in its entirety as the basis for any program of Spiritual development
  • Strengthens the bond between the Spiritual and Apostolic activities of the council and those of the church
  • Has no voting rights
Youth Coordinator: Promotes the recruitment and development of Youth with the Society
  • Liaison with local Catholic school boards to and churches
Store Committee (SC): The SC ensures these Mission and Values of the Society are maintained.
  • SC ensures the properties are well maintained and provide safety to staff, volunteers and persons in need.
  • The SC will seek and support the development of store volunteers and staff.
  • The SC will ensure all legal requirements in the operation of the store are maintained.
  • The SC develops an annual operating budget and provides the necessary tools for the Store Manager to achieve the desired results.
  • Stores act as intermediaries between people wishing to make donations in kind and those in need. Stores make donations available for free or at a low cost which is in keeping with the budget of those the Society serves. The SC ensures these principals are maintained.