Template for Council Marketing/Communications Plan

posted: May 2017
submitted by: Particular Council of Brant

From SSVP Canada’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020
Action 3.2 Councils and Conferences will develop and act on strategies that will make others in their community aware of the contributions of our Society and the ability of the Vincentian to help those living in poverty.

Action 3.3 Council and Conference Presidents will identify the gap that exists in their communication practices and work … to expand their communications methods through Parish and Diocesan news media, social media and other new forms of communications.
This template, adapted from the 2016 Marketing Plan developed by SSVP Brant, is for use by a Council in carrying out these Actions. From identifying Council goals and the key related messages and the target audiences to support these goals through to development and implementation of strategies to accomplish the goals, examples are provided to assist in understanding how to use this comprehensive tool. A sample marketing/communications calendar is included.

From SSVP Ontario Strategic Plan 2017 to 2021
 Action 3.4.C.  Councils will develop a Marketing Plan with the assistance of ONRC sample template.

Best Practices