Cast again your nets

(May 1 2022)

Cast again your nets

The resurrected Lord appeared to the apostles at the Sea of Galilee. They had just come back from a night of fishing but caught nothing. Jesus told them to again cast their nets into the sea. At first Peter was reluctant to do so. He was tired and doubted anything would happen. They caught so many fish that they needed to call others from another boat to help. Then John realized that it was Jesus and they went to Him.

Christ often instructs us to do things in our lives, in our work as Vincentians. Just like Peter and the other fishermen, it often happens after we have been unsuccessful or frustrated in the results of our efforts. But Jesus, doesn’t tell us to give up and go home. He says, to cast our nets again, perhaps in another direction, in a different place.

We are called to serve Christ in the poor. We hope to help people out of their situation. But, we seem to go back to help the same people every time. We too can get frustrated. Sometimes positive results of our efforts can be seen right away. Often they are invisible to us. They may even be delayed.

We need to trust the Lord in our lives. He will guide us in our hearts, encourage us and give us strength to serve Him. He also helps us take on new challenges.

As Saint John Paul II tells us “Do not be afraid!” Cast again your nets.

Deacon John Girolami

Spirituality Corner

Monthly Reflections
by Deacon John Girolami,
Spiritual Advisor, ONRC