Twinning - Promotional campaign Fall 2018

(posted: October 10)


Dear Twinning Coordinators,

The fall season is upon us and soon Conferences and councils will resume meetings and charitable activities. It is also time for you, Regional Twinning Coordinators, to start promoting the twinning program within councils and conferences in your Region.

In recent years, the number of twinning increased significantly mostly due to our collective efforts to promote this fundamental Special Work of the Society. We must continue to raise the awareness of members about the great needs in the developing countries assigned to Canada. We are sensitizing members by presentations and twinning examples how twinning contribute to poverty relief and to helping local Vincentians propose projects that help communities improve their quality of their life permanently.

Nicole and I have updated the Power Point Presentation (PPP attached to covering email) and all twinning policies are up-to-date. I would suggest that you seek an invitation at councils meetings in your Region over the next few months to present the Twinning program. I suggest you invite a Vincentian already involved in a twinning to talk about his/her experience and answer questions. Vincentians like to hear personal stories about Twinning. You may have done presentations in the past to certain council members, however, servant-leaders change and members need to be reminded of this important Special Work. It is our responsibility to help the poorest of the poor in developing countries under the guiding principles of solidarity and sharing with our brothers and sisters Vincentians with less resources and facing great poverty in their neighbourhoods. I remain at your service if you need my assistance,

Serving with hope

Clermont Fortin
Chair, National Twinning Committee
August 28, 2018