Executive Team
Goals and Objectives

  1. To build the Vincentian Family by implementing the ONRC Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and carrying out the responsibilities outlined on page 71 of the Rule Book.
  2. To maintain the high level respect for the Society, ONRC will conduct the business of the Society professionally, objectively and with a spiritual basis within the meaning of the Rule and Canadian Statutes.
  3. To lead by example, listening and providing support/direction to our conferences and councils.
  4. To role model the importance of transparency.
  5. To include our store managers/staff in our ONRC meetings and workshops.
  6. To provide human resources to conferences/councils who need assistance in creating a business plan and marketing plan/branding.
  7. To encourage conferences, councils, stores, youth, and all special works to actively participate in higher level council meetings because what we offer is of value and importance to them.
  8. To encourage the orientation, education and development of our members.
  9. To provide orientation, development, recruitment, and mentorship regarding succession planning and to ensure presidency terms are adhered to.
  10. To educate and promote social justice amongst our membership.
  11. To encourage working with similar minded organizations to better serve our families working together and not duplicating services.

Goals and Objectives

(posted: September 2016)