Board of Directors - Nominations

(posted: February 1, 2024)

Call for Board Nominees.

February 2024

Dear Vincentian,

The Ontario Regional Council (ONRC) Nomination Committee is searching for individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. The ONRC Board of Directors is responsible for supporting all the Society’s work in Ontario including the 317 active parish conferences visiting and helping the vulnerable in their local areas.

We need skilled, talented, knowledgeable people who have demonstrated a sincere passion and commitment for helping the most vulnerable in the community. We believe that there are Vincentians who would be willing to serve in a manner different than what they have experienced working at the ground level in your conferences. Working with the Board, a new director will help set the course for how the Ontario Regional Council will support conferences and councils in Ontario to serve our neighbours in need for years to come. The Board’s Nomination Committee is reaching out to you for help in identifying potential candidates to serve in this key role.

We want to talk with interested Vincentians or others outside the Society who may have the skills, experience, and aptitude necessary to serve on the ONRC Board.

Please review the attached information which includes:

This information may help you identify those among your members and colleagues who would be willing and able to serve on the Board. You do not have to contact a potential candidate; we will do the necessary connection and information sharing. We only ask you to review the material and use it to identify or recommend a fellow Vincentian or someone you know that might contribute to this key role. If you are interested, let us know. We want to hear from you.

The nominating period is open now. Once interviewed and qualified, the election of new Directors will take place at our Annual General Meeting in May 2024 or later at a special member meeting if required.

If you have any questions or know someone who could be a good candidate, please contact the Nominating Committee by sending an email to with the subject line “Board Nominee” or call 647-801-7422 and we will get back to you.

We ask our Founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and our Patron St. Vincent de Paul, to enlighten us so that we will find the best Vincentians to serve in the work of the Ontario Regional Council.

Fraternally yours,

The Nomination Committee
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
Ontario Regional Council

Message from
the President