(posted: February 24)

Did you know there is an ONRC Rejuvenation Team?

The ONRC Rejuvenation Team exists to provide support to Conferences and Councils who are in need of rejuvenation and/or need help when it comes to recruiting members. Rejuvenation requires a framework to build and maintain strong teams and welcome new members.

Have you heard the term “Recruit, engage, train, retain”? Recruitment involves these 4 key points. The ONRC Rejuvenation Team can provide insight on ways to recruit and engage new members, and what is involved with training and retaining your members. Our motto is “ABR – Always be recruiting!”

Learn how to create the multiplier effect where each member is active in inviting and welcoming in new members, who in turn will welcome in more new members.

Active recruitment is necessary to ensure Conferences and Councils thrive. Is your Conference/Council an energetic, passionate and vibrant group that people will be drawn to and want to join?

By renewing and rejuvenating Conferences and Councils, we will have attractive and active Conferences and Councils. It is important to be the energy you want to attract.
The ONRC Rejuvenation Team recently presented a Rejuvenation and Recruitment Workshop in Niagara Falls with 20 attendees from St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls. We received great feedback on the presentation, and they will now create a Cross Conference Rejuvenation Team with members from their Conferences who will carry out actions to achieve vibrant and strong Conferences and teams. They will continue to receive support from the ONRC Rejuvenation Team as they take their next steps forward.

Please reach out to Dan Lohin, Chair of the ONRC Rejuvenation Team, at should your Conference or Council be interested in hearing more about how we can support you with rejuvenation and recruitment.

Feel free to share this article with your Vincentian friends who would benefit from receiving support from the ONRC Rejuvenation Team.

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ONRC Rejuvenation Team